Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


The Wildcat Swim Club coaches assign each swimmer to a group. Group designations determine practice times and other key elements to the swimming experience. Click the Groups button below to learn more.



Wildcat Swim Club fees vary based on several factors including group assignment, registration type, and discount eligibility. Fees are due at the start of the session. Click the Fees button below to learn more.



The Wildcat Swim Club hosts a Facebook group for members of the club. Friend us to view and share stories, pictures, and other club-specific content in this members-only group. Permission request and approval required.


Additional FAQs


Who can join?

The Wildcat Swim Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of competitive swimming for the youth of Seymour, CT and surrounding towns. If you live in Seymour or a surrounding town and you want to swim with us, then come check us out. Swimmers are eligible to be on the team through their senior year in High School.

What does it cost?

There's the million dollar question! No, it doesn't really cost a million dollars. We're quite reasonable with our fees. The actual cost for a swimmer depends on his/her swim group, registration status, and any discounts available. Check out our Fees page for all the information!

Is my swimmer good enough?

The Wildcat Swim Club sees potential in all swimmers, but that doesn't automatically mean that we're a good fit for your swimmer. We welcome any and all swimmers to try out for the team. To get started, a swimmer must be able to meet the minimum requirements for the Red group. In addition, swimmers must consistently show progress over time. Obviously behavior, attitude, and participation come into play as well.

Are swim meets required?

Although attendance at swim meets is not mandatory for continued participation in the Wildcat Swim Club program, the whole point of the club is to train swimmers for competition. We encourage our swimmers to showcase their skills in friendly-but-competitive swim meets throughout the season. Post-season competition such as Yankee League-hosted trials, championships, and all-stars have become the hallmark events of true competition for our team. Post-season eligibility requires each swimmer to compete in a minimum of three regular season meets, so it's well worth it to participate in the regular season meets to qualify for participation in post-season competition.

Note: All club swimmers are eligible for meets regardless of group, from RED all the way through GOLD.

Who is allowed on deck during practices? How about meets?

Only Wildcat Swim Club swimmers, coaches, and board members are allowed on the swim deck during practices and meets. No exceptions.

This is for safety, liability, and training purposes.

During swim meets, only swimmers, coaches, timers, and officials are allowed on deck. This is a league rule designed to promote safety, reduce liability, and to keep the swim deck clear for swimmers.

What if we miss a practice?

Practice, practice, practice, and then compete. Rinse. Repeat. Improvement,  progress, and success rely heavily on practice. Attendance is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. Besides, practices are already paid for, so make sure you get your money's worth by attending all you can!

More FAQs

FAQs about swimming, club rules, attendance, meets, competition, practices, membership, etc.

Does the team have a uniform?

We do! Swimmers are encouraged to purchase a team-selected racing swim suit. The club provides team caps and a team shirt to complete the look. A team suit is required for swimmers to participate in swim meets. Additional WSC team merchandise is also available separately for purchase.

When can I tryout to join?

Open tryouts occur at the start of each swim session. Currently, we have tryouts in September for the Fall-Winter session and in March for the Spring session. Mid-session tryouts are not out of the question, but remain at the discretion of the Wildcat Swim Club Head Coach.

How safe is this?

Here's one area where we simply don't goof around. All Wildcat Swim Club coaches are certified in CPR, first aid, AED, and lifeguarding. All coaches are subjected to background checks prior to working with the kids. In addition to these requirements, several coaches have advanced certifications in Water Safety Instruction, State of Connecticut Swimming, and USA Swimming Levels I + II.

What equipment does a swimmer need?

Swimming doesn't require a whole lot of special equipment, but there are certainly some good things to have. A swim suit, goggles, towel, and a swim cap are the essentials. Water shoes make walking (to/from locker rooms, restrooms, etc.) easier and more hygienic. Beyond these, most swimmers bring a bag with warmup pants and jacket, a dry change of "street clothes" and shoes, a beverage such as water, and a healthy snack. Experienced swimmers know a spare suit, goggles, and cap are always a smart idea.

HELP! My child wants to swim but it's too expensive!

Let's face it: parenting these days is EXPENSIVE! The Wildcat Swim Club works very hard to keep costs a minimum, but even our best efforts sometimes leave folks in a difficult situation. If you find yourself in need of a little help to get you through the costs of the season, please feel free to approach the President of the Wildcat Swim Club for a confidential conversation about what the club can do to keep costs to a minimum.

Do I have to volunteer to help the team?

The success of entire Wildcat Swim Club depends on volunteers. Yes, coaches are paid because we need professionals to instruct the swimmers, but everything else is paid for by the swim club families - either directly or through fundraising activities. 

  • Family members are expected to help at swim meets by timing and/or officiating.

  • For home meets, families are asked to donate food to be sold at concession, volunteer time to run the concession tables, help with setup / takedown / cleanup, etc.

  • Fundraising activities help to defray club expenses and directly serve to keep fees low. Families are expected to participate in fundraising activities.

It truly takes a village to run this club.

Even More FAQs


What happens when there's inclement weather?

Decisions regarding school closures due to inclement weather are made by the Seymour Board of Education. WSC practices are cancelled any time Seymour schools are dismissed early or closed due to inclement weather. The WSC calendar will be updated to reflect cancellations as soon as decisions are known. Even if practices are still "on", families are always encouraged to exercise discretion when deciding to travel in inclement weather.

I have ideas! How can I share them?

The Wildcat Swim Club welcomes suggestions from all members. Members can share suggestions in-person by speaking with any of our board members or you can email suggestions directly to the club president using the email address.

Is Wildcat Swim Club affiliated with US Swimming?

The Wildcat Swim Club is not currently a USA Swimming club. WSC coaches DO assist individual swimmers registering with USA Swimming as unattached. Contact the WSC Head Coach with questions or for additional information by emailing

How can I subscribe to a WSC calendar?

Nice question! There are lots of choices available. Click the Subscribe Options button to open a new page with instructions. Happy subscribing!

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