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How To Subscribe To A Calendar

Subscribe FAQs


What does it mean to subscribe?

When you Subscribe to a Calendar, you are creating a connection between the source calendar and your local calendar. Updates are pushed (shared from the source calendar to your local calendar) at regularly scheduled intervals as defined on your local device.

How many calendars can I subscribe to at once?

Chances are, you'll never even come close to exceeding the number of calendars that you can simultaneously subscribe to on your device. If you're the curious sort, then you can consult your device manufacturer's software specifications to find out the actual limit (if there is one). For swimming purposes, you'll be fine.

Where can I find more help with subscribing?

There are countless operating systems, devices, and settings that cannot possibly be accounted for on this awesome website.  If you have additional questions beyond the information provided here, then consult your device manufacturer's website for information or contact your device manufacturer directly for assistance. Click one of the logos at the bottom of the page to use as a starting point.

How do I unsubscribe?

Follow your device manufacturer's instructions for unsubscribing from a calendar on your device. Click your device logo (bottom of page) for a link to a potentially useful starting point.

Why isn't my subscribed calendar syncing?

Now is a really good time to panic! Before you do though, try these quick checks:

  1. Update your calendar app. Sometimes its as simple as that.
  2. Check the sync settings for your device.
  3. Check your device manufacturer's website to help you troubleshoot.
  4. Commence full-blown panic.

Why can't I edit entries in my subscribed calendars?

Subscribed calendars are read-only. You can't edit calendars that you are subscribed to, such as WSC calendars.